Children’s Progress Adds New Platform Support with iPad Compatible Reports

Published on January 4, 2012

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iPad Compatible Reports for Early Childhood AssessmentAll Children’s Progress web-based reports are now iPad compatible, providing teachers with greater flexibility and the ability to easily use and share diagnostic assessment information on the go.

New York – January 4, 2012 – Children’s Progress announced today that all reports for its award-winning Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) are iPad-compatible. Teachers and administrators using the CPAA can now access any report through the iPad mobile device. iPad report access is a free feature included with the purchase of a Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) site license.

“I’m especially excited about iPad access because I believe it makes it even easier for teachers to deliver individualized instruction. With iPads, teachers can literally take reports with them wherever they go without having to print anything. They can use the reports during instruction, with parents, with other teachers and with administrators. I hope the popularity and convenience of the iPad will empower teachers to make the most of our reports and improve the education experience for students,” said Anand Kapur, Director of Technology at Children’s Progress.

Some are calling iPads the next educational disruptive technology. As school and district leaders nationwide tap into the multitude of ways to use iPads and other mobile devices in the classroom, Children’s Progress is being proactive about offering teachers an opportunity to access diagnostic data and recommended activities on this mobile platform.

“iPad report access provides an additional measure of freedom. We hope this feature will help teachers incorporate diagnostic information more seamlessly into their busy schedules,” said Children’s Progress CEO Kevin Greaney.

The possibilities for integrating Children’ Progress iPad-compatible reports into instruction and intervention are endless. For example, as soon as an assessment is completed, a classroom teacher can now log into her reports on the iPad to immediately view and choose whole group or small group activities to address areas of concern. During a one-on-one pull-out session with a student, a math or reading coach can quickly browse through reports on the iPad to identify focus areas and activities for the intervention session. During a parent-teacher conference, a teacher can use an iPad to show parents a student’s latest performance or display progress over time and recommended activities for the home.

A District Administration Top 100 Product of 2011, the CPAA is a diagnostic adaptive assessment. It is available aligned to state and Common Core standards in prekindergarten through third grade. Districts, schools and state agencies use this adaptive assessment for screening, progress monitoring and differentiating instruction in the earliest grades.

To learn more about Children’s Progress assessments and reports for Pre K – 3, request a demo for your school or district.

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