Why Children’s Progress?

Hundreds of thousands of students use the adaptive Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA). Check out why below or learn more about how it works first.

Developmentally Appropriate for Pre K – Grade 3

With the CPAA, you can engage and motivate your youngest elementary school learners with stress-free diagnostic screening and progress monitoring. The assessment was designed by early childhood experts in line with NAEYC developmental criteria for early learners. The content is engaging for students, which means you get better, more accurate data.

CPAA - developmentally appropriate assessment

Proven in the Classroom

State agencies, districts, schools and early learning centers use the CPAA to drive student achievement, differentiate instruction and reduce special education referrals. Read their case studies. A recent study of more than 35,000 students showed that using the CPAA for diagnostic screening throughout the year significantly improved high stakes state test scores.

The CPAA’s adaptive assessment format and built-in scaffolding were developed based on decades of research at Columbia University and patented in collaboration with MIT. Our research has received support from the Institute of Education Sciences at the United States Department of Education, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The CPAA is a scientifically proven assessment.

Aligned to State & Common Core Standards

The CPAA is available aligned to Common Core State Standards, individual state standards or national independent school standards. These standards are incorporated into CPAA reports to show teachers exactly how each student performed, how that performance compares to the standard and what specific activity they can use to get that performance where it needs to be.

The CPAA is aligned to Common Core and state standards.

Quick & Easy for Educators

With the CPAA, you save time and resources with group administration, instant web based reporting and ZERO manual work. As soon as students are assessed on the computer, you can drive instruction with interactive, detailed reports (which include recommended activities, suggested student groups and detailed performance and progress information).

The CPAA is efficient for educators.

Enhances Parent Communication

The CPAA helps teachers communicate with parents.

The CPAA lets you collaborate with families like never before and empower parents to support their child’s academic progress. Built-in parent reports allow you to share objective, diagnostic data and fun recommended activities designed for home use.

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