For Independent Schools

Available for Pre K – Grade 2

Personalize Learning With Data-Driven Decision Making

In designing the Independent School version of the Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA), we consulted with the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) to establish early literacy and mathematics benchmarks grounded in NCTM and NCTE guidelines to ensure that students reach high levels of achievement.

We worked closely with independent school educators to design appropriate and targeted questions. Each item has been rigorously evaluated through an analysis of student responses and performance data.

CPAA Benefits for Independent Schools

The CPAA is the ideal tool to help you quickly and proactively identify student needs and address them in the earliest grades. With the CPAA, you can:

  • Assess a broad range of early literacy and mathematics content with a quick and comprehensive program
  • Use an adaptive tool to provide just the right level of challenge and minimize frustration for a wide range of learners, from struggling to gifted and talented students
  • Excite and engage your youngest students with a child-friendly, computer-based assessment that feels like a game
  • Use instant web-based reports to differentiate instruction and inform grouping and classroom planning
  • Take the next step right away with tailored recommended activities for individual students and groups.
  • Engage and empower parents with specially-designed family reports that include activities parents can try at home to support their child’s learning needs

Proven Results: Independent School Success Stories

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