For Public Schools & Districts

Available for Pre K – Grade 3

Get Students on Track Before High Stakes Tests Begin

The Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) is a quick adaptive assessment and reporting tool that will help you proactively drive instruction in the early elementary grades.

The assessment, available aligned to Common Core or state standards, covers early literacy and mathematics content and is available from Pre K through 3rd grade.

If you’re already using some diagnostic assessment tools in the early grades but aren’t sure whether they’re providing the data you need or if you’re struggling with one-on-one assessments that take a lot of time but deliver minimal instructional benefits, read on to learn how the CPAA can meet your needs.

CPAA Benefits for Public Schools & Districts

Aligned to your state standards or the Common Core State Standards, the CPAA covers both early literacy and mathematics concepts and helps schools and districts:

  • Screen and track progress in line with RTI in a developmentally appropriate, stress–free way in Pre K – 3rd grade
  • Coordinate early identification and intervention efforts school- and district-wide using instant, web based reports
  • Use data to drive decision-making during PLC time and grade-level meetings
  • Track demographic data for AYP
  • Pinpoint and address the learning needs of Spanish-speaking English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Group students for intervention
  • Use recommended activities to drive differentiated instruction
  • Monitor progress throughout the year and from year to year
  • Collaborate with parents to drive student achievement by sharing diagnostic data and activity recommendations

Proven Results: State, District & School Success Stories

Read case studies from public schools and districts or learn about an empirical study of more than 35,000 students, in which students who used the CPAA performed better on their 3rd grade high stakes state test, compared to students who were not exposed to the CPAA.

Learn more: Request a Demo for your district or school team or see which funding sources can be used toward the CPAA.