Reporting Features

CPAA reports are instant, web based and interactive. They update in real time and are available as soon as students complete the assessment. Reports are available for teachers, administrators and instructional coaches at every level – from the student to the district and state. They are aligned to standards and accessible from anywhere (yes, even on your iPad!).

There’s no need to wait to receive results or to spend time parsing out information you can use. The reports include intuitive student grouping tools and targeted activities for specific students and the whole class.

The way we see it, if you take the time to assess your students, you deserve to receive an immediate, useful snapshot of their learning. Our software helps you tailor instruction based on what your students need most right now. We even suggest next steps to help you get started.

Think of the CPAA as a quick “physical” that lets you check up on your students’ learning throughout the year to address difficulties that might be cropping up and prevent other issues before they even arise.

  • Aligned to state standards and the Common Core State Standards
  • Instant & Web-based
  • Easy to use, with colorful interactive charts and intuitive dashboards
  • Activities for individual students, small group and whole group instruction
  • Instant feedback to drive differentiation
  • Detailed student narratives help you dig deeper to discern the precise root of concept-specific misunderstandings
  • Student grouping with a single click
  • Progress throughout the year and over the years
  • Custom demographic reporting
  • Parent reports in English & Spanish

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