Assessment Features

The Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) is an interim assessment, meant to be used in a formative way to identify student strengths and weaknesses and help teachers decide what students are ready to learn next.

The assessment is adaptive and includes built-in scaffolding. Question difficulty adjusts based on every response to provide the appropriate level of challenge for each child. When students respond incorrectly, they receive a second chance. A follow-up question presents the same material in a different way. This unique feature allows the CPAA to pinpoint student misunderstandings more precisely and provide teachers with specific instructional recommendations to help every child excel.

  • Appropriate for universal screening and progress monitoring
  • Quick group administration (15-30 min, 3-6 times/year)
  • Child-friendly and developmentally appropriate
  • Difficulty adapts to performance
  • Content bank contains 10,000+ items
  • Covers early literacy and mathematics
  • Available in English and Spanish (for English language learners)

Check out sample assessment questions below or click here to read about which concepts are covered.


Pre K – 3rd Grade Sampler

Pre K Sampler

Kingergarten – 1st grade Sampler

2nd grade- 3rd grade Sampler

CPAA – Spanish Language Version (for ELL students)

Pre K Sampler

Kingergarten Sampler

1st grade Sampler

2nd grade Sampler


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