The true test of educational software is whether or not it actually gets used in the classroom. For that reason, ensuring that all teachers and administrators are comfortable with our assessment and ready to make the most of it is our #1 priority.

If you’ve seen way too many products that require hours of training to understand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Children’s Progress training is optional and that a single 3-hour session is all you’ll need in order to navigate all of your reports like a pro.

On Site Training

While Children’s Progress’ adaptive assessment and reporting system is designed to be easy enough to use without training, a single on site session can be a great way to get your whole team on the same page and ready to take full advantage of all reporting features. Your team will receive hands-on training on every aspect of the assessment and reports, as well as a review of the science behind the educational software.

Web Based Training

In addition to on site training, we also offer web based training sessions. This can be a great alternative for an initial training for a small school or a handful of new personnel. It could also be a cost-effective option for refresher training.

What Educators Are Saying About Children’s Progress Training

I am emailing to share my thanks and appreciation for the enthusiasm and professionalism exhibited by your training staff. Our trainer has provided our primary building with professional development related to the CPAA since 2009. Each time, she is poised yet easy to communicate with, and each presentation is personalized to meet the needs of the building and address any questions or concerns that we are experiencing.

Dawn Turner, Principal
Itasca School District 10, Benson Primary School, IL

Thank YOU for an amazing webinar. I have never had such a successful “virtual” professional development experience and my teachers agree. They were nodding and clapping and thumbs-upping the entire time. Feedback included “awesome,” “this is exactly what I’ve always wanted” and “she was sooo clear”. I really appreciate the content, structure, and pacing. Well done! I look forward to continuing our work with this product.

Teri Barnett, Director of Student Learning
Epiphany School, WA

The CPAA is really easy to use, so we train new teachers but find that we don’t need refresher training for teachers who are already familiar with the program.

Althea Headlam, Assessment Coordinator
UFT Charter School, NY

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