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GEEL Overview  

What is the GEEL?
What is the GEEL?


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The Galanter Education Evaluation Lattice (GEEL) is a patented, revolutionary evaluation technology that assesses students in a way that educators can use to actually accelerate a child’s learning.

testing photoDelivered entirely over the internet and requiring only a standard classroom computer, the GEEL uses a software logic Lattice, to sequence the complexity of the questions each child sees. Each response to a question provides information that
leads to new questions that provide rapid insight into a child's progress.

CPI knows that it is simplistic to think of a child’s response to a question as simply right or wrong.

The Lattice 

Here's how the GEEL adapts to each child:

  • With every response emitted by a student, the Lattice alters the child’s path through the GEEL.
  • Unlike a simple adaptive technology, if a child answers a specific question incorrectly, the technology poses a hint about the same question in a different form.
  • The Lattice provides this hint to allow for in-depth assessment and evaluation.
  • Unlike existing tests, the GEEL measures response time to the nearest sixtieth of a second.
  • Data about the child’s path through the Lattice assembles an instantaneous narrative record of the child’s progress, that describes specific skills and pivotal concepts.
  • That narrative record becomes the foundation of a detailed Narrative Report.

The development and placement of each of the GEEL’s evaluation scenarios form the building blocks to enable a rich and complete assessment.

popup Click for an example of how the GEEL’s Lattice works.

Rapid Results 

Within 30 minutes, a student has answered enough questions to enable the development of an easy-to-read, Narrative Report detailing:

  • the specific skills each child has or has not mastered
  • specific learning strengths, weaknesses and areas at risk
  • next steps and suggested activities.

The assessment results of the GEEL can be used to adjust current learning strategies and programs instead of merely judging the rate of failure.

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