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Most standardized tests deliver a single numerical score for a child’s performance. This score supposedly encapsulates the entirety of the child’s understanding while providing little information of value regarding the student’s needs or learning potential.

Rather than labeling children, the GEEL results describe them, a key distinction between the GEEL and other assessment-oriented standardized tests.

The GEEL Narrative Report 

The GEEL delivers a Narrative Report that summarizes a child’s performance in sufficient detail to suggest actionable strategies to advance the child’s intellectual, social, and cognitive development.

The Narrative Report identifies:

  • strengths — those areas to build upon
  • weaknesses — those areas to build up

And provides recommendations and suggested activities for each child.

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The result is a coherent, comprehensive, automatically-generated profile for each student — individualized to that child’s unique pattern of responses. For example, if a child has difficulty in phonemic understanding coupled with a hearing deficit, this discovery will be noted in the Narrative Report.

Class Report 

Just as the Narrative Report identifies a child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, the Class Report provides invaluable information about the entire class in a simple-to-read narrative format.

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For example, the Class Report lists all the skills assessed and by which students. This allows educators to compare skill mastery across an entire class.

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