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Galanter Education Evaluation Lattice   

What Is The GEEL?

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testing photoA patented, internet-based technology called the Galanter Education Evaluation Lattice (GEEL) assesses and diagnoses a child’s learning needs and readiness in a few minutes.

The GEEL offers children aged 30 months through Grade 2 a colorful, narrated, animated set of game-like questions and exercises. A pre-school GEEL Lattice assesses the pre-reading child. The primary Lattice assesses the early childhood learner.

As each child embarks on an engaging and personalized journey through the GEEL, it adapts to specific skills and learning styles. The child experiences a fun, varied and engaging set of questions. The teacher gets a detailed, individualized assessment of each young person’s strengths and weaknesses. This Narrative Report builds dynamically with each completed question, regardless of the length of a specific session. The administrator can easily monitor the progress of a class, a school or a district.

Based in science, designed for reality.

GEEL Site License 

The GEEL is available to schools for a single annual site license payment. Each license includes:

  • access to product software, 24/7
  • an unlimited number of students and sessions within each school
  • a Technical Readiness Audit to ensure a rapid and smooth implementation
  • onsite training for all relevant teachers, specialists and administrators
  • maintenance of all live assessment data for each child.

GEEL Technical Requirements 

CPI technical support will work with the site administrator to perform a Technical Readiness Audit. This audit will assess the following technical requirements:

Operating System Browser* Flash PlugIn*
Windows 98 or later
(Windows XP or
Windows 2000 recommended)

Internet Explorer 5 or later
Netscape 6 or later
Flash 7
OS 8.6 or later
(OS 9.1 or above recommended)

Internet Explorer 5.1.7 or later
Netscape 6 or later
Mozilla 1.3 or later
Flash 7


*Browsers and the Flash PlugIn software are FREE and available on the web.

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