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Why the GEEL? 

What Is The GEEL?
Why the GEEL?
Why the GEEL?

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It's not just an academic assessment.
The GEEL assessment recognizes that a child's academic performance depends on many other factors which an educator sees in the classroom, such as hearing, eyesight, motor skills, and cognition.

It will help you to tailor your instruction.
Unlike other assessments, the GEEL makes an educator immediately aware of each child's skills, learning progress, and potential problems so that you can individualize your instruction and introduce helpful strategies early.

It's useful, directed and easy.
Educators who are using the GEEL report being less frustrated, more motivated, and far more productive in the classroom. They know how to help each child because they know more about his or her needs.

Kids love it—and they use it with little supervision.
The GEEL looks and feels like a simple computer game: it's interactive, engaging and holds a child's attention.

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