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  • The content of the reports is outstanding. It gives the teachers tons of ideas for identifying needs, individualizing instruction and communicating effectively with parents.

    Jacqueline LaRusso, Assistant Principal
    PS 93, NY
  • The support team is always so efficient and accommodating. Having worked with other companies, I can tell you… it makes a big difference.

    Kelly Robinette, Senior Education Coordinator
    Fairmont Private Schools, CA
  • It’s so helpful to have a common source of data for the whole district in the early grades. [The CPAA] has become the standard by which we measure other assessments.

    Ron Korenich, District Curriculum Coordinator
    Fox Chapel Area School District, PA
  • I am impressed with how simple it is for the teacher to access the results and how these results can help inform instruction.

    Pam Whelan-Roy, Teacher (Kindergarten)
    York School District, ME
  • CPAA reports help me look for areas of need and adjust my curriculum to my students in specific areas like phonics and spelling.

    Lori Arai-Shiraishi, Second Grade Head Teacher
    Moanalua Elementary School, HI
  • [The CPAA] is administered very easily and the kids think they are playing a game. It doesn’t take the teacher away from the students much like a running record does.

    Jacqueline LaRusso, Assistant Principal
    PS 93, NY
  • The CPAA helps us get a solid snapshot of how [English language learners’] skills are progressing throughout the year.

    Hilda Franks, Early Childhood Coordinator
    Georgetown ISD, TX
  • We have been amazed at how engaged and motivated the students are. I have had a student say to me, ‘That was such a cool game. I hope I can do it again!’.

    Dr. Maryann Minard, Director of Curriculum
    York School District, ME
  • The CPAA is the best assessment I’ve seen for the youngest children… easy for children to use, very age-appropriate, and provides immediate reports.

    Cherie Goins, Assistant Principal
    Martin Behrman Charter School, LA
  • Our teachers and children are really enjoying the assessment. It has already proven to show great data.

    Brenda Ellis, K-3 Assessment Coordinator
    Cleveland School District, MS
  • We love how easy the CPAA is to administer – we can just put the kids on the computers and let them get started… the reports are web-based, so you can access the information from anywhere.

    Althea Headlam, Assessment Coordinator
    UFT Charter School, NY
  • I am so thankful for the fabulous customer service I have had with Children’s Progress.

    Alice Stiles, Kindergarten Teacher
    Roswell ISD, Missouri Avenue School, NM
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