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State Agencies, Public Districts & Schools

Our state has seen incredible enthusiasm and extremely high satisfaction among the school districts using the CPAA over the past three years.  People continue to talk about the powerful reporting tool and the ease of use for teachers in identifying student weaknesses and providing targeted instruction and engaging activities.

James H. Mason, Director of the Office of Student Assessment
Mississippi Department of Education, MS

Children’s Progress has provided our school district with an assessment that is comprehensive yet simple to use. The information available after each assessment provides teachers with more than results. It also provides instructional diagnosis and solutions. In one short year it has become the standard by which we measure other assessments. It’s so helpful to have a common source of data for the whole district in the early grades. The CPAA’s reporting functions are very powerful. Everything is there that you need. Moreover, it works incredibly smoothly on the technical end. It is easy to navigate and the results are instant. As state tests in grades 3 through 11 have become more prominent, we wanted to find tools to use – particularly in K-2 – to proactively benchmark performance against standards. We were able to replace some curriculum based measures we were previously using with the CPAA. It’s a great first look at our students.

Ron Korenich, District Curriculum Coordinator
Fox Chapel Area School District, PA

Our teachers and children are really enjoying the assessment. It has already proven to show great data.

Brenda Ellis, K-3 Assessment Coordinator
Cleveland School District, MS

I am so thankful for the fabulous customer service I have had with Children’s Progress. The prompt replies, explanations and support are incredible. When I am asked questions, I refer my teammates to you, and they have been amazed too. A thousand thanks!

Alice Stiles, Kindergarten Teacher
Roswell ISD, Missouri Avenue School, NM

We love how easy the CPAA is to administer – we can just put the kids on the computers and let them get started. It’s also great that the reports are web-based, so you can access the information from anywhere. Each teacher shares strengths and weaknesses in his or her classroom based on CPAA data. We then evaluate whether those are different or the same across classrooms and use that information to choose the best strategies to work on a particular skill. It’s very helpful that in the CPAA reports, you can go in and click on a concept to sort students by performance in that particular category. The full student report is also a great feature. It’s really easy to use, so we train new teachers but find that we don’t need refresher training for teachers who are already familiar with the program.

Althea Headlam, Assessment Coordinator
UFT Charter School, NY

What’s great about the CPAA is that the quick, adaptive format lets us administer it more frequently and the data we receive is very specific. The CPAA provides feedback about areas that are weaker and documents performance and progress. In the past, all intervention fell on the plate of the classroom teacher. Now, we have instant intervention ideas thanks to the CPAA. Teachers can use them when working with our Title I Reading Specialist to develop pull-out sessions.

The CPAA has been particularly helpful in the youngest grades. We didn’t have a tool like this in pre-kindergarten. We’ve tried other tools in kindergarten that were not as age-appropriate. The CPAA is more child-friendly and allows us to intervene sooner. Plus, our teachers feel it is in alignment with what they see in the classroom. We can see that the students are confident in taking it.

Vicki Stewart, Principal
Maine School Administrative District 45, ME

Assessment drives instruction. The CPAA was a tremendous tool that not only provided each and every teacher with an individualized snapshot of the students’ progress, but also revealed strengths and weaknesses in our teaching practices. The CPAA provided us with specific strategies to address those weaknesses. Our faculty and staff then included these strategies in our pyramid of interventions. The result was a 50% decrease in special education referrals. At the end of the ’05-’06 school year, we had 35 referrals compared to 90 the previous year. Precise assessment such as the CPAA was the key component in our arsenal of tools. Our assessment allowed for more targeted instruction and afforded the parents critical interventions that they could continue to implement throughout the summer months.

Angelica Nieto, Former Principal
Robert F. Kennedy Pre K Academy, TX

I am emailing to share my thanks and appreciation for the enthusiasm and professionalism exhibited by your training staff. Our trainer has provided our primary building with professional development related to the CPAA on multiple occasions since 2009. Each time, she is poised yet easy to communicate with, and each presentation is personalized to meet the needs of the building and address any questions or concerns that we are experiencing.

Dawn Turner, Principal
Itasca School District 10, Benson Primary School, IL

We’ve had such a positive experience with the CPAA. It is administered very easily and the kids think they were playing a game. It doesn’t take the teacher away from the students much like a running record does. The content of the reports is outstanding. It gives the teachers tons of ideas for identifying needs, individualizing instruction and communicating effectively with parents. This program was the perfect choice for us. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Jacqueline LaRusso, Assistant Principal
PS 93, NY

Thanks for your continued attention. We tell everyone who asks about Children’s Progress that they’ve got the best tech support in the world!

Gregg Martin, Director of Information Technology Services
York School District, ME

The CPAA is like a one-on-one assessment between the child and the computer. Before we started using it, we were using a progress monitoring measure that was good at giving us snapshots in time but didn’t offer teachers and parents a strategy for using that data to affect teaching. The CPAA is easy to use. We like the fact that our students are engaged and we receive performance and progress data, as well as suggested activities, instantly.

Lani Arakaki, Curriculum Coordinator
Moanalua Elementary School, HI

I really like the computer administration format. Students can go on and complete the assessment on their own. The other important thing for me is being able to see the results right away. It’s great that I can also use it to monitor student progress.

Jenifer Lau, Kindergarten Head Teacher
Moanalua Elementary School, HI

CPAA reports help me look for areas of need and adjust my curriculum to my students in specific areas like phonics and spelling.

Lori Arai-Shiraishi, Second Grade Head Teacher
Moanalua Elementary School, HI

Technology is the great equalizer. In one classroom, gifted & talented, general education and special education students can participate equally and at the same time, with all students experiencing success and having instruction that is differentiated. Using technology, the CPAA provides individual and group feedback, which is invaluable for differentiating instruction based on individual need. The CPAA allows teachers to assess each student in their class with the same conditions and presentation, which adds more value to the results.

N. Conforti, Technology/Curriculum Integration Teacher
Bronx Little School, NY

The immediacy of CPAA results is absolutely #1 for us. I’ve heard from teachers that they like the information they’re getting. I’ve been absolutely floored with how often I’ve had teachers come to me to share data about their students. They enjoy having the opportunity to track performance using a non-invasive process.

Maureen Goering, Principal
Maine School Administrative District 42, ME

We really appreciate the great customer support you provide to our school.

Lori Takiguchi, Teacher
Salt Lake Elementary, HI

The CPAA is a useful tool for measuring growth throughout the year in the key areas of math and literacy. With immediate access to results, teachers are able to identify students who need extra support with specific skills and strategies. The suggested activities are helpful for intervention groups.

Pam Audet, Teacher (2nd grade)
York School District, ME

I value the variety of skills assessed with the CPAA and how easily engaged our young students are with it. I am impressed with how simple it is for the teacher to access the results and how these results can help inform instruction.

Pam Whelan-Roy, Teacher (Kindergarten)
York School District, ME

I appreciate your hard work – your team makes account creation and the setting up of data easy.

Rebecca Heyward, Data Specialist
PS 122Q, NY

All of the data is immediate. It’s easy to read, easy to group students for support and to review progress. One of the great ways in which we’ve been able to use CPAA reports is for creating activity groups. We use the reports both to generate the dynamic groups and to choose an appropriate concept-specific activity. All of our students have strengths in different areas within each subject and those strengths are not static. CPAA reports help us gather that data quickly and use it to tailor our instruction. Sometimes we have students who struggle to produce written work. We often see that on the CPAA, they’re much more comfortable. They take their time and the assessment gives us a more accurate picture of their understanding. We’re able to see them making progress at their own pace. Teachers also use the reports to collaborate with parents, sometimes sending activities home or sharing a report during a conference.

Roxanne Murphy, Math Coach
Cranston School District, RI

The CPAA helps us get an initial picture of where our kids are at. Plus the detailed reports give us ideas about where the kids are having any difficulties. It’s short and easy to use.

Sherry Koide, 1st grade Head Teacher
Moanalua Elementary School, HI


Independent Schools

We love the CPAA. It is engaging for our students and informative for our teachers and administrators… But it’s not just about the assessment. What we really appreciate is the customer service. The support team is always so efficient and accommodating. Having worked with other companies, I can tell you that this isn’t always the case and it makes a big difference.

Kelly Robinette, Senior Education Coordinator
Fairmont Private Schools, CA

CPAA data confirms that our teachers are doing wonderful work. I’ve found the reports to be very valuable in identifying additional resources that can assist our teachers in presenting specific concepts to students. This tool has been a great addition to our curriculum.

Debra Johnson, Head of Lower School
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, TX

The CPAA is a great tool for early elementary assessment.

Ray Michaud, Headmaster
John Thomas Dye School, CA

The CPAA is a valuable tool in determining the strengths and areas of challenge for our K-2 students. With the ability to administer the assessment several times a year, our classroom teachers were able to track the progress of each student’s achievement, and target the areas of need while working with them on a daily basis. The scoring rubric has also helped us identify students performing at higher ability levels.  Our use of this tool communicates clearly to incoming families that this is a school committed to innovative thinking and technology from the get-go.

Lisa McGuire, Director of Admissions
Kingsridge Christian School, GA

The CPAA is like our little governor – it helps us keep our eye on the ball, making sure that we focus on the standards and always support our students in reaching high levels of achievement. We find the longitudinal data so helpful. Moreover, we are always impressed with the speed and professionalism of the support team. I don’t think I have ever had to wait more than 24 hours to receive a response.

Jane-Ann Myers, Early Childhood Division Head & Director of the Learning Center
St. Paul Christian Academy, TN

As soon as [students] walk out the door, teachers can look at the data. The CPAA cuts out a lot of the time we spend on other assessments. Groups are done automatically in the reports.

Roxanne Turekian, Assistant Head of School
St. Thomas Day School, CT


Early Learning Centers

The CPAA brings concrete numbers to the table. The reports tell which concepts the children are struggling with. Teachers are able to partner those children in groups (small & large) by the reports. It is a great selling tool my pre-k & kindergarten is bursting. We give out the cpaa brochure even to infant parents to show them what is to come. I have enrolled parents on the spot after telling them about the program.

Debra Braun, Franchisee
The Goddard School – Alpharetta II, GA

The CPAA has allowed our teachers to enrich their lesson plans with activities that will benefit students. These activities are individualized to the children’s specific needs. It has also provided the parents with another tool to establish the growth their child has made and activities to practice at home to enhance the children’s development. It is a great tool to use to monitor the children’s assessment throughout the school year.

Christina Caron, Director
The Goddard School – Marlboro II, NJ

At my kindergarten open house I enrolled 14 children on the spot with the help of the CPAA. I can prove to parents their children are accelerated based on the state standard that the CPAA shows. This tool shows our school is cutting edge.

Sheryl Nelson, Franchisee
The Goddard School – Elgin, IL

The CPAA is a great tool when touring new parents. We tell them this is a formal assessment and it shows where the child is proficient. The CPAA report can go with the child to the local school district. By the way, my school district uses CPAA so it is an easy transition for the child & administrators ask for it when they know a child is coming from our school.

Nilofar Ehsani, Franchisee
The Goddard School – Snellville, GA

My decision to keep my son at the Goddard school was solidified by the CPAA. As a mother of a child with dyspraxia, I needed to be sure I was choosing the right preschool. CPAA results were in line with reports we’ve received from my son’s [therapists]. This test is solid in its accuracy and provides an early intervention opportunity for parents. The Goddard School is a forward thinking educational program. I am proud to enroll my son here.

Colleen Somerville, Parent
The Goddard School – Alpharetta II, GA

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