For Early Learning Centers

Available Starting in Pre K

Use Developmentally Appropriate Diagnostics to Help Young Learners Succeed

Hundreds of preschools, early learning centers and Head Start locations nationwide use the Children’s Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA) to support their curriculum with a stress-free, child friendly assessment. In fact, we partner with Goddard Systems, a nationwide early childcare network to provide teachers and parents with unparalleled data about student learning.

The prekindergarten and kindergarten years are a critical time for children to explore their world and develop social-emotional competencies. These years are also the foundational time for them to get a head start on early literacy and mathematics building blocks. Designed based on a sound developmental model and built with the unique needs of prekindergarten and kindergarten students in mind, the CPAA is the perfect adaptive assessment complement to a play-based learning early learning curriculum.

CPAA Benefits for Early Learning Centers

  • Ensure a stress-free assessment experience for students (computer-based format, child-friendly graphics, positive feedback)
  • Tailor the assessment experience to every child with a patented adaptive format and scaffolding that gets to the root of any misunderstanding
  • Engage families and provide them with helpful activities they can try at home with their child
  • Assure parents that your school is focused on academics in a developmentally appropriate way
  • Use your instant reports and recommended activities to plan instruction and address individual needs
  • Proactively ensure that students are working toward acquiring school readiness skills

Proven Results: Early Learning Center & Preschool Success Stories

Read early learning case studies or check out these articles about centers that are successfully using the CPAA with prekindergarten and kindergarten students:

Ready to learn more?

  • Goddard Schools: email to learn how you can get started.
  • All other early learning centers and preschools: contact us here.

Please note that our minimum purchase is for 100 students but we do make an exception for smaller sites that are part of a larger network (e.g. Goddard).