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How to Use the GEEL  

What Is The GEEL?

How to Get Started

Where the GEEL is Working
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Once your administrator has set up your computers, there are only four steps to using the GEEL.

Steps To Do
1Prepare your class to take the GEEL See Preparing Your Class for the GEEL
2Run your class through the GEEL See Running Through the GEEL
3Review each child’s report See Viewing and Interpreting Reports
4Utilize the results See Using the GEEL Results
Use the reports to help manage your class and to provide support to each child in the exact areas in which they need it.

Repeat steps #2-4 each time you use the GEEL.

Note: For the in-depth assessment the GEEL can provide, we recommend running each child through the GEEL a minimum of three times throughout the course of a school year. (Remember, each session should take a student no more than 30 minutes, and even less for the Preschool Readiness GEEL.)

Getting to Know the Welcome Screen

Once you log in with your username and password, the Welcome screen displays everything you need in order to get started with the GEEL.

The Welcome screen will display a Student List of all your students currently registered to use the GEEL. This screen also provides access to all of the features you will need to manage students using the GEEL:

  • The Accounts functions allow you to create, view, edit or delete a student account.
  • The Assessment functions allow you to: 1) login students 2) set up students by designating an appropriate starting point on the GEEL lattice. The Assessment functions also let you access both a student’s Narrative Report and a full Class Report.
  • Your Account and Resources support your use of the GEEL.

Many screens within the GEEL offer you more than one way to accomplish a task. For example, you can login a student from the Assessment menu on the left side of the screen or by clicking on login after a student’s name on the Student List.

You need only click the appropriate function to perform a desired task. For example:

Welcome Screen

Preparing Your Class for the GEEL right arrow